[PATCH] [SCREENIES] Improvements to kio_man

Urs Wolfer uwolfer at kde.org
Thu Jun 19 18:31:39 BST 2008

On Thursday 19 June 2008 01:25:27 Michael Pyne wrote:
> Hi all,
> The kio_man output is in a pretty sad state right now:
> http://purinchu.net/dumping-ground/kio_man_before.jpeg

Things look broken, yes.

> I've made a patch that fixes it and makes it look better (at least, IMO).
> Both the headers and footers are corrected and somewhat more employed. 
> I've tried to make the appearance more like www.kde.org as well.

Good work. I just would like to have the same style as all the others apps 
with "HTML"-pages does have (e.g. all the start pages, see my other mail in 
this thread). It would be a pitty to just have a different style here. Either 
update all (please talk to the oxygen artists first), or try to follow the 
current look.

> The result can be seen here:
> http://purinchu.net/dumping-ground/kio_man_after.jpeg
> Does anyone have any objections to me committing the attached patch (apply
> in kdebase), which implements this?
> I had to add a style sheet which I simply dumped into a header file, it
> can't go straight into a installed css as it needs some munging to insert
> the correct path to the doc/HTML directory.

You could take the stylesheet which is installed from kdeui (see for example 
KMail or Konqueror) instead of copying this to a second place.

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