[kde-artists] Missing Oxygen icons (for Okular)

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Sun Jun 15 19:13:41 BST 2008

On Saturday, 14. June 2008, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Notice the problem that the:
> 	go-next
> 	go-previous
> icons are being used for two different purposes (each).
> I had always thought that it was the two icons circled in Green that
> needed to be changed.  However, this is wrong.  It is the icons circled
> in Red that need to be changed.  Specifically, these 4 icons refer
> movement through the pages in a document.

I agree - the difference in concept is not so much document vs. "global",
but rather history based navigation (green in your screenshot) vs.
order based navigation (red), as I have sometimes stated in the past already.

I spent some more time thinking about how those red icons could be 
generalized, because clearly they have use cases beyond just page navigation 
but still with similar meaning. What I found is that "order based navigation" 
(which was also the most popular usage of the former "1*arrow" icons) is 
merely another term for navigating inside a list of concrete items. Examples:

- Many of the 1*arrow usages were actually icons next to real list widgets.
- Page navigation in Okular happens on a fixed list of pages.
- Image navigation in Gwenview (or the Gwenview part in Konqueror)
  happens on a list of image files in the current directory.

Having pondered a long time about which term would be appropriate for this 
action, I think this one is actually able to be descriptive and general 
enough as well as it matches the meaning of the action, plus it's short and 
easy to understand.

So I would propose go-*-list (read as "go to [whatever] item in a list") while 
keeping go-* as generic arrow icon that's used as "go to [whatever] item in 
history" when in doubt. That might be slightly against the naming spec's 
intentions as it regards every use of the arrow icons as navigation in a 
list, but as we can't make the generic go-* icons specific to history based 
navigation, I feel like the next best thing to do is to special-case lists of 
concrete items from "imaginary" lists like history.

We could use the former "1{left,right,up,down}arrow" icons under those new 
names, we'd just need new icons for the {first,last,top,bottom} icons as the 
double arrow from these icons doesn't match these names. I would assume that 
this is doable.

> I presume that KDE-Core needs to approve this so they are CCd.
> Note that this leaves open the question of whether or not we need a
> third context:
>    	go-next-view
>    	go-previous-view

If I understand correctly, those are what you planned for history based 
navigation inside a specific document (as opposed to "in Konqueror"), right? 
I would think that the "document" prefix makes sense in this instance - it's 
just like the original "go-{next,previous}" icon, just specific to documents.

Perhaps we can repurpose the current "go-{up,down}-search" icons, add
-next and -previous versions of those too, and rename them as go-*-document?

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