Qt SVG renderer

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jul 29 17:20:01 BST 2008

Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> http://media.ereslibre.es/2008/07/icons/
> Here you can find a full list of icons that are misdrawn, and how inkscape 
> draws it.

What's with all the icons that have "junk" behind them? Is that extra 
stuff in the svg (that could, and probably should, be deleted), or how 
is Qt managing to munge those?

@TT (ah, "Qt Group"? What is it these days? ;-) ):
I'm sure it's been said many times, but the biggest hole in Qt's SVG 
support (in my opinion, but I've seen it shared by others as well) is 
the lack of support for masks and blur. Mask can be overcome somewhat by 
CSG operations in inkscape, but this is destructive to the SVG. To be 
honest, I'd almost say that blur is most needed. Even /just/ blur but 
not other filters would I think be a serious improvement... the thing 
is, it's by far the best/easiest way to do shadows or soft shading, both 
of which are ubiquitous.

Note: I don't do icons. I *have* done (and am currently doing) some game 
graphics, and those two are noticeably limiting of my artistic expression.

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