Fwd: KDirOperator patchlets

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Mon Jul 28 10:30:33 BST 2008

Hi Carsten,

> I assume that there are not many clients of KDirOperator besides
> KFileDialog 
> in KDE 4, so a working KFileDialog is obviously most important.
> However simply reverting the patch is not a solution either. I see two 
> possibilities:
> - emit fileSelected(const KFileItemList&) with the current selection, or
> - let the client, e.g. KFileDialog honor the selection instead of only the
> argument in multiselection mode (that's how it worked in 3.5, I think)
> I can provide a patch if you want. Just revert the patch for 4.1.0, if
> it's not too late.

Rafael has already committed a clean patch on trunk and 4.1, which did not revert your patch. I've currently no access to my KDE environment and cannot try it, but I think Rafaels solution should work perfectly for direct KDirOperator users.


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