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Carsten Pfeiffer pfeiffer at kde.org
Mon Jul 28 10:12:19 BST 2008

Am Samstag, 26. Juli 2008 schrieb Peter Penz:

Hi Peter,

> Ups, the patch has a sideeffect which I think we all missed: It is not
> possible anymore selecting more than one file in e. g. Kate or KWrite.
> Reverting commit 836195 from the 4.1 branch brings back the original
> functionality.  You write in your mail that included the patch:
> "The second thing is that pressing return on the current item does not emit
> fileSelected() but fileHighlighted(). I'm wondering if this was an accident
> or done on purpose. See attached kdiroperator-fileSelected.patch."
> It seems like this has been done on purpose to make it possible selecting
> more than one file. May I revert this patch on KDE 4.1 and trunk? Well it
> will be too late for 4.1.0 I assume, but it's for sure no showstopper if
> the fix will be in 4.1.1...

I assume that there are not many clients of KDirOperator besides KFileDialog 
in KDE 4, so a working KFileDialog is obviously most important.

However simply reverting the patch is not a solution either. I see two 

- emit fileSelected(const KFileItemList&) with the current selection, or
- let the client, e.g. KFileDialog honor the selection instead of only the 
argument in multiselection mode (that's how it worked in 3.5, I think)

I can provide a patch if you want. Just revert the patch for 4.1.0, if it's 
not too late.

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