Label Alignment in KDE4

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Jul 18 07:51:08 BST 2008

On 17.07.08 22:37:21, Robert Knight wrote:
> - The larger projects (eg. Amarok, KDevelop, Krita) have multiple
> developers who discuss user interface changes with one another as part
> of the development process.  This is not a regulated thing and I think
> it is the case that the level of review and checking against the HIG is
> uneven.  

One problem I had with the HIG when I last looked at it is that it was
still incomplete. I can't remember the exact details what I were looking
for but I didn't find information. Back than I had one technical
question about the guidelines, but unfortunately didn't get an answer on
the usability list. So I mostly concentrated on other parts of the
software as reviewing and changing Ui is something you can do even after
any feature freeze.

I actually try to get our (KDevelops) dialogs into a better shape, but
the problem I often face is that our dialogs and widgets use
not-so-standard gui items. Or non-standard combinations of them.

Recently I've had a look at QFormLayout and I did find a dialog that
benefits from using it, but there are many more for which this simply
won't work.

Having a quick look at
I see there's been quite some update. So I'll try to have a look at that
this weekend. While I'm of course just a developer and not a usability
expert (nor novice) I think with some guidelines it should be possible
for me to adjust our GUI as needed. 

One thing at last: Asking google for "kde hig" turns up this page as
first hit:
Maybe someone should update it (I don't have an account for that wiki
yet and I don't want to create one just for that).


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