[kde-artists] Departure notice

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at kde.org
Thu Jul 17 23:51:11 BST 2008

Alle 19:19, 17/07/2008, Jakob Petsovits ha scritto:
> Hi list(s),
> I thought it might be a good idea to notify you that I'll be gone from
> KDE development for at least half a year, first leaving for a one-month
> trip abroad and afterwards working pretty much exclusively on my diploma
> thesis, hopefully. I might come back in 2009, or I might not, depends.

Good luck with your thesis!

But make sure to come back contributing once you've finished it: if I'm not 
seeing you around in the first months of next year, I'm going to pick you 
from an ear and drag on IRC using the brutal methods. ;-)

Thanks a lot, your contributions has been extremely valuable, I'm sure we'll 
miss seeing you around!

Bye, and have fun!!
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