Departure notice

pinheiro nuno at
Thu Jul 17 18:46:37 BST 2008

A Thursday 17 July 2008 18:19:07, Jakob Petsovits escreveu:
> Hi list(s),
> I thought it might be a good idea to notify you that I'll be gone from
> KDE development for at least half a year, first leaving for a one-month
> trip abroad and afterwards working pretty much exclusively on my diploma
> thesis, hopefully. I might come back in 2009, or I might not, depends.
> Whatever the outcome, you'll have to sort out icon issues without me being
> involved, so I also retract any claims for icon naming maintainership.
> Please take care that pinheiro's new icons land in their appropriate
> application folder if they don't belong into core Oxygen, and come up with
> nice names by yourself, following other icon names in the naming spec and
> Oxygen. You'll work it out :)
> I'll unsubscribe from most mailing lists and perhaps even from the Planet,
> and won't show up in IRC very often anymore. If you need something
> pressing, you can still reach me by private mail (from September on, I'll
> be completely unavailable from upcoming Saturday until the end of August).
> So essentially, I'm leaving the community for the time being.
> It's not a personal issue (and I especially want to emphasize that my minor
> conflict with JRT has nothing to do with my departure), it's just that I
> need to focus on other stuff more.
> Just want to say that you're all doing a great job - KDE has never been
> more exciting than today, and you people are directly responsible for that
> :D Keep on rocking!
> Bye,
>   Jakob

Come back soon and I meen SOON. KDE needs you. 
But we need you with your work done, work hard on your thesis, and then came 
back to us.. Its a plesure to work with you and your contribution as been 


core oxygen icon designer

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