Label Alignment in KDE4

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Thu Jul 17 21:55:29 BST 2008

Hey all, 

A (long) while ago when we began the HIG and then planning for KDE4 began, 
there were some discussions on changing the alignment of widget labels from 
left aligned to right aligned. I forget who exactly was involved in the 
discussion (I think this was in Malaga or Trysil), but in the end I'm pretty 
sure we decided on right aligning labels in KDE4.

This is what we had in KDE3 (common in Windows):

Label 1:                  [ Text Input Box ]
Really Long Label 2: [ Text Input Box ]

This is what I thought we were doing in KDE4 (common in OSX):

                 Label 1: [ Text Input Box ]
Really Long Label 2: [ Text Input Box ]

Flashing forward in the future to KDE 4, I'm noticing a lot of dialogs are not 
following this rule.  Is it because no one knew about the change?  Is it 
because most of the applications were ported and so no one thought about 
adjusting the UIs?  

Seriously though, this wasn't something the mythical KDE Usability team came 
up with by themselves and decided everyone should listen to them.  It was 
discussed and agreed on.  I know some developers know about it because I've 
seen correct UIs and have had questions about alignment.  I had assumed 
message was out but was obviously wrong (and you know what they say about 

1) Are we still in agreement about the right aligned labels?
2) How hard is it going to be to fix all of incorrectly aligned labels?

~ Celeste

Celeste Lyn Paul
celeste at
KDE Usability Project
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