Software engineering in KDE

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Tue Jul 1 18:40:04 BST 2008

Martin Koller wrote:

> Hi,
> On Monday 30 June 2008, Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've started a techbase page on some of the different aspects of
>> software engineering in KDE.
> May I suggest that the layout inside that page being changed a little
> bit so that the 2 columns in each component block are separated more
> than by a few pixels. Otherwise it's confusing to read as it seems that
> the line from the left column continues directly with a line in the
> right column.
> For me it reads e.g.
>  "Subversion 1.4 is used for source control Dirk Muller ..."

I put a 10px padding on the right edge of the left column.

Also, regarding CDash, I already had a note about it in the build section,
but I moved it and the dirkboard note to a separate build testing section.

In terms of scope, I'm trying to decide whether each entry should have
a 'Get involved' section with some relevant links and information. And,
would such a section be 'Get involved in patch reviewing' or 'Get involved
in deciding how KDE does patch reviewing' etc. 

Any thoughts?

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