Software engineering in KDE

Bill Hoffman bill.hoffman at
Tue Jul 1 15:15:28 BST 2008

Stephen Kelly wrote:
> Hi,
> I've started a techbase page on some of the different aspects of software
> engineering in KDE.
> The idea is that if we know what we're using we might be able to standardise
> more around things like review-board and whatever else parts of KDE use
> that I don't know about.
> Please update it if you have any more information. 
> Best regards,
> Steve.

This is really nice.  I really would like to see more use of CDash in KDE projects.

It would fit in very well here:

For those that don't know CDash a web based dashboard system, has its 
roots in applying Six Sigma quality metrics to software development at 
GE CRD.    For a quick history, you can read  We use this process for all of the 
projects at Kitware, and once you have used the process for a short 
time, it is hard to imagine developing software without it (Just ask 
Alex).   Kitware is currently hosting a CDash dashboard for kdelibs here:

However, no one seems to have committed to setting up clients to submit 
to it.   There is some data here:

But, only 12 builds have been submitted so far.  :(

For a dashboard with lots of data you can see the one for CMake:

Or, any of the other open source projects at Kitware:


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