KDEREVIEW: nowplaying dataengine and applet for plasma

koos vriezen koos.vriezen at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 00:08:41 GMT 2008

2008/1/26, Alex Merry <huntedhacker at tiscali.co.uk>:
> At Friday 25 January 2008 10:51 pm, you wrote:
> > I can't imagine we still need to have separate implementation for all
> > player...
> >
> > If there is not yet standard multimedia dbus interface for doing this in fd.o,
> > we probably should make it one now.
> There is: MPRIS.  Which this dataengine supports.  The design is a little daft (three different objects with different methods, but the same interface name).  But it's there.  Still, only one player actually uses it (Audacious).  There are rumours Amarok 2 will support it.  VLC 0.9.0 should support it.
> These should all work instantly with this applet, providing they follow the spec (Audacious deviates slightly in some areas).

Do I understand the code correct that in order to be detected, one has
to register itself as org. mpris.SomePlayer? I would expect kde apps
registering themselves as org.kde.SomePlayer and having some object
supporting the org. mpris.Xxx interfaces, no?

> Interestingly, there's a KMediaPlayer dbus interface in kdelibs which, as far as know, no players support (certainly Juk doesn't).

KMPlayer inherits from it. In Kde3 it was requited for mm kparts to
implement this so it could be use as previewer in the file dialog. Got
a nice dcop interface for free.
Don't know if this is still true, didn't get a nice dbus object from
it ... there is a .xml file, but not added to the build unfortunately.

Do get a dbus object from phonon 'AudioOutputs', no info about current
stream afaics.


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