KDEREVIEW: nowplaying dataengine and applet for plasma

Alex Merry huntedhacker at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Jan 27 09:37:17 GMT 2008

At Saturday 26 January 2008 12:08 am, you wrote:
> Do I understand the code correct that in order to be detected, one has
> to register itself as org. mpris.SomePlayer? I would expect kde apps
> registering themselves as org.kde.SomePlayer and having some object
> supporting the org. mpris.Xxx interfaces, no?

Yes, as specified in the MPRIS specification.  The point is that an application can (as this one does) just look for anything like org.mpris.*, rather than going through every single D-Bus object of every single service looking for an org.freedesktop.mediaplayer interface.


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