KDEREVIEW: nowplaying dataengine and applet for plasma

Alex Merry huntedhacker at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Jan 25 23:10:51 GMT 2008

At Friday 25 January 2008 10:51 pm, you wrote:
> I can't imagine we still need to have separate implementation for all 
> player...
> If there is not yet standard multimedia dbus interface for doing this in fd.o,  
> we probably should make it one now.

There is: MPRIS.  Which this dataengine supports.  The design is a little daft (three different objects with different methods, but the same interface name).  But it's there.  Still, only one player actually uses it (Audacious).  There are rumours Amarok 2 will support it.  VLC 0.9.0 should support it.

These should all work instantly with this applet, providing they follow the spec (Audacious deviates slightly in some areas).

Interestingly, there's a KMediaPlayer dbus interface in kdelibs which, as far as know, no players support (certainly Juk doesn't).


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