khelpcenter porting status

Jos van den Oever jvdoever at
Thu Feb 28 20:09:17 GMT 2008

2008/2/28, Matt Williams <lists at>:
> Before this goes too far, is it not worth considering porting khelpcenter to
>  use the new QHelp API? It will immediately give us searching capabilities
>  within khelpcenter. I have heard that Trolltech are working on a generator
>  which can take docbook and create the QHelp binaries directly. Then it would
>  simply be a case of writing an analyser for QHelp binaries (which would have
>  the benefit of allowing us to search Qt docs etc. as well).

This is a fine solution too. One note however: Strigi would get an
index backend that can read the binary format of the qch files
directly. qch files are sqlite3 databases.
The binary format of these files would have to be fixed and they
should allow concurrent access.

I'd appreciate pointers to a possible spec of this format. Also I'd
like to know if Trolltech is going for sqlite3+fs3 or using clucene in
some way.


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