[PATCH] Builtin animations (dis)(en)abling

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Sat Feb 9 14:13:13 GMT 2008


Now that I have slept and I reread the patches, I find out that we probably 
want a new class KDynamicSetting or something like that.

The purpose of such a class is to contain a single setting (for instance if 
the user wants animations or not). As you can see, on most of the private 
slots I created on different places on the patches the only thing we need to 
do is to update the value of such a property.

The KDynamicSetting could become updated automatically when it receives a 
signal from KGlobalSettings::self(), so the app that is reading the setting 
is completely unknowing what's going on down there, just reads the property.

On the cases that we also need to do some stuff apart from updating the 
variable value (see klineedit.cpp as an example), it is easy: we can add to 
the KDynamicSetting [or however we can call it] a signal that is emitted when 
its contents have changed. This way, if our app needs to do special stuff for 
being consistent at that moment, we can connect our app code to that signal.

What do you think ?

Rafael Fernández López

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