Listing and unmounting GVFS mounts in KDE

nf2 nf2 at
Sat Feb 9 01:40:11 GMT 2008


Trying to move on with my experimental kio-giobridge i'm facing a little 

1) Where to list network mounts
2) Present them in a way that users can "unmount" them via the context menu.

They could be listed in remote:// (that's what i'm doing at the moment, 
but just as links) or in KFilePlacesModel.

Listing them in remote:// would probably mean creating special desktop 
entry files on the fly, which somehow get recognized as virtual mount 
points and decorated with an "unmount" entry in the context menu (AFAIK 
for native mounts such special desktop entries exists).

Having "mounted" vfs-items in KFilePlacesModel would also be nice, as 
GNOME also puts them into the file-manager/chooser side pane. The 
problem here is, that vfs mounts are neither bookmarks, nor Solid::Devices.

Hmm ... any suggestions?


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