DrKonqui appearance (was: Re: New KMessageBox Style )

Diederik van der Boor vdboor at codingdomain.com
Sun Feb 3 11:04:11 GMT 2008

Op Saturday 2 February 2008 14:07:58 schreef Urs Wolfer:
> > Am Samstag, 2. Februar 2008, um 00:21 Uhr, schrieb Urs Wolfer:
> > > I have worked on a new KMessageBox style. Aaron has suggested to create
> > > something similar to the new DrKonqi style.
> >
> > Is there a screenshot for those who never see DrKonqui, please? ;)
> Of course:
> http://home.fwo.ch/~urs/temp/drkoni.png

The new dialog looks a lot better now. :)


I wonder if you can find anything useful out of this one:

I've rewritten the error message there so it's imho more obvious to the end 
user what has happened, and how to address the problem. I hope this gives 
some inspiration to improve the dialog.



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