[PATCH] kio_sftp error detection

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Sat Dec 27 22:55:32 GMT 2008

Hi there,

for quite a while kio_sftp has been a little poor detecting errors. The result 
of it was (is) usually an empty KDialog with some "unknown error" caption. 
Those errors get especially annoying when they happen during KUrlCompletion.

I just figured that the sftp kioslave didn't know about some errors. So I 
- "Name or service not known" (eg. server name is not resolvable)
- "Connection refused" (eg. no ssh server running on the port specified)
- "Bad port" (displayed by OpenSSH if the port number is outside the allowed 
TCP port range)

Additionally I removed the modal dialog boxes because I think a kioslave 
shouldn't show dialogboxes for those known errors (as I understand it 
SlaveBase::error() is meant for that, right?). I didn't introduce any new 
strings so far but used the ssh command's output (which might look strange 
sometimes). I also tried to keep interoperability with plink and non-free ssh 
(not sure if I succeeded - I can't test).

Pretty please someone review and tell me if I may commit.

Thanks and kind regards,
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