Review request for asciiquarium screensaver

Alex Merry kde at
Sun Aug 24 23:51:43 BST 2008

On Sunday 24 August 2008 23:29:23 Michael Pyne wrote:
> It is available under kdereview right now (kdereview/asciiquarium).  I'm
> sure there's a checklist of stuff I need to fill out for the review request
> but I'm not able to find one on Google.  I did find a archive of the
> discussion about the checklist so I'll go off that:

* There should be user documentation in docbook format. If you need help,
  you can ask for help to the KDE Documentation team:
  kde-doc-english at
* There should be developers documentation in the form of apidox for
  libraries you can check this at ebn
* There should be no krazy code checker issues reported. Again, you can
  check that at ebn. There is also a tutorial on using Krazy available
  here on TechBase.
* If possible, there should have been a basic usability review of your
  application. Usability people are hard to get, so this is not crucial.
* You should have checked for basic problems with a profiler. I hope we
  will get a tutorial on how to do this soon
* Your application should be completely translatable. 


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