Review request for asciiquarium screensaver

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Sun Aug 24 23:29:23 BST 2008

Hi all,

I'm posting this to request a review of a screensaver which I'm proposing for 
inclusion into kdeartwork.  It's a port of Kirk Baucom's terminal application 
called asciiquarium ( ) 
which Maksim Orlovich and I turned into a screensaver awhile ago.  For lack of 
a better term I call it KDE Asciiquarium.

It is available under kdereview right now (kdereview/asciiquarium).  I'm sure 
there's a checklist of stuff I need to fill out for the review request but I'm 
not able to find one on Google.  I did find a archive of the discussion about 
the checklist so I'll go off that:

1. Ported to Qt4: Done.  No usages of Qt 3 stuff either.
2. Doxygen documentation: Actually, yes, even though it isn't a library.
3. Regression test suite: No, but I'm not sure that it applies here.
4. Follows coding conventions: N/A, unless kdeartwork has a convention I'm not 
aware of.
5. Uses KIO for file access: N/A
6. Uses KConfigXT: Yes.
7. KIOSK aware: N/A (AFAIK)
8. Up-to-date handbook: No, but if screensavers have them I can write one.
9. Uses .ui files: Yes. (Settings widget)
10. Uses XMLGUI: N/A.
11. Uses standard icons: Yes (I think?)

One known issue that I can think of is that I'm not sure what category it fits 
in best; right now it is not assigned a category at all.

 - Michael Pyne
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