JPEG Thumbnailer

Carsten Pfeiffer carsten.pfeiffer at
Thu Aug 14 20:12:39 BST 2008


 > The Thumbnail KIO Slave loads the whole JPEG and
 > scales it afterwards. So I tried out to load a scaled down
 > version with libjpeg and here is the code attached as an
 > additional thumbnail implementation for the KIOSlave.

that is certainly a great idea! IIRC there was also some code to use  
the jpeg-embedded thumbnail, if available and if large enough for the  
requested dimensions.

 > +    FILE *fd_in;
 > +    if ((fd_in = fopen(path.toLatin1().data(), "rb")) ==

Can you use the QFile API instead of fopen()? If not, then please use  
QFile::encodeName() instead of latin1() to preserve the filename  


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