JPEG Thumbnailer

Andre Gemünd scroogie at
Thu Aug 14 22:02:02 BST 2008

Carsten Pfeiffer schrieb:
> Hiya,
Hello Carsten,
> that is certainly a great idea! IIRC there was also some code to use 
> the jpeg-embedded thumbnail, if available and if large enough for the 
> requested dimensions.
do you mean in the thumbnail slave or Gwenview / digikam? Gwenview afaik 
uses exiv2 to check for the embedded thumbnail. The slave doesn't 
directly do that. It does first check KFileMetaInfo for a stored 
thumbnail, which should in theory come from strigi, but I don't know if 
the strigi analyzer stores the exif thumbnail?

> > +    FILE *fd_in;
> > +    if ((fd_in = fopen(path.toLatin1().data(), "rb")) ==
> Can you use the QFile API instead of fopen()? If not, then please use 
> QFile::encodeName() instead of latin1() to preserve the filename 
> encoding.
In theory you can. I'd have to write a custom source manager for that 
then, because we can't use the stdio one of jpeglib in that case. I 
think it would add a lot of code though, is it really needed?
I will change the filename encoding.

Greetings and thanks

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