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pinheiro nuno at oxygen-icons.org
Mon Aug 11 13:29:52 BST 2008

A Sunday 10 August 2008 18:51:58, James Richard Tyrer escreveu:
> Thiago Macieira wrote:
> <SNIP>
> > Be careful not to throw away information that the artists use to edit the
> > file.
> >
> > It's all and well to do a garbage collection, but not to make the file
> > impossible to edit later.
> This makes no sense.  Artwork is a final product and should not contain
> such information.
> If there is a need to have copies that contain other information, then
> we need to have a separate place in SVN for them.
> IAC, the problem is that the SVGZ icon files contain a lot of stuff that
> is not needed for editing, serves no useful function, and needs to be
> removed.
> You also need to consider how much work would be needed to remove the
> editing information for each release.  For that reason alone, the SVGZ
> files should be cleaned up before they are committed to SVG TRUNK.
> I find that there are also idiosyncrasies in InkScape (i.e. bugs
> perhaps).  IAC, after further work, I managed to further reduce the
> attached file to 2564 bytes.  The file in SVN is 11332 bytes.  That is
> over 77% and I did not remove any of the image information to do this.
> Clearly, this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Yeah, the problem is mostly that i have the urge to comit and then i will 
rework the icon for som finnal detail and comit and then commit again.
in the processe the clen def some times gets lost.
# the clean def doesnt allways make it smaler some times it gets biguer...
# saving as plain sgv makes me lose stuf I need to work in inkscape like grids 
and stuf like that.

If you wnat to do a majosr cleandef to all of the icons that would be good.


core oxygen icon designer

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