drkonqi and backtrace analysis

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Mon Aug 4 11:54:27 BST 2008


 I'm not sure if anybody has noticed, but bugs.kde.org currently has loads of 
reports with completely useless backtraces (and so there has to step in the 
human factor in the form of the bug squad and do the 
useless-please-install-debuginfo-heres-techbase-link routine). I've already 
fixed that and rewrote the code a bit so hopefully next time it'll be simpler 
also for somebody else to save the day, however with the usage of hidden 
symbol visibility and so on useless backtraces have become quite common, so 
these days it's not very nice to just shrug off all of those.

 Therefore I'd like to commit the attached patch which should try harder when 
analysing the backtrace and should also collect information about which 
binaries are missing debuginfo. The idea is that distributions will also ship 
$KDEDIR/lib/kde4/libexec/installdebuginfo [1], and if it is available then 
drkonqi will offer installing the necessary debugging packages and try again.

 I would like to also backport this to 4.1, together with the fixes which 
already are in trunk, but a) this adds new i18n, and b) I think it needs some 
testing, as there are still some issues I'm unsure about, such as:
- the dialog offering to install debugging packages hides the backtrace, so 
one cannot actually tell if it's really necessary - any ideas for a better UI 
- it currently lists even things like libc in the list of libraries needing 
debuginfo if it's present in the backtrace, which may not be usually 
necessary - should it restrict the list just to KDE/Qt libs or any better 
- it is a question whether the detection whether a backtrace is or is not 
useless is not too strict - e.g. the backtrace from [2] is currently flagged 
[3] as useless (with the copy and save buttons disabled), but it looks like 
it could be actually good enough - is it ok to still complain, or any ideas?

[1] see Debuginfo::installDebuginfo() for invocation
[2] http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&m=121784325621415&w=2
[3] for debugging it is possible to make it process any backtrace, see 
beginning of BackTraceGdb::processDebuggerOutput()

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