First compile of kde 4 and results (not so good)

adrian iamcalvo at
Mon Sep 17 21:12:05 BST 2007

> Like you can see, the kmenu have no image, but this is the little
> problem. The big problem is that it doesn't work. If you click on it,
> nothing sincerely I don't know how to start all the
> programs. A workaround that I find is to click on the desktop and then
> choose the "Run Command" to start programs, like konqueror or the
> console.
As a workaround you can try this:

1- Open a konsole (via Run Command)
2- Type "killall plasma" in it
Now you should be viewing old bar (else type "kicker &" in konsole)
3- Move the old bar to the top of the screen with the mouse
4- Type "plasma &" in konsole and close it
Voila! You are now the happy owner of two bars!!

Bye and good luck!

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