Temporary KColorScheme change - hard-code some state colors

pinheiro nuno at oxygen-icons.org
Sun Sep 16 12:25:55 BST 2007

A Friday 07 September 2007 18:00:07, Matthew Woehlke escreveu:
> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> > Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> >> I'm thinking I'd like to check in the following diff as a temporary
> >> measure to get people thinking about active vs. inactive widget states.
> >>
> >> This is a TEMPORARY change (things will be configurable in 4.0-final
> >> as I've previously talked about; (1) for example), but will hopefully
> >> help shake people out of the KDE3 way of thinking where it was "ok" to
> >> not think about widget states w.r.t. the color scheme.
> >
> > Since I'm hearing complaints about the current situation (basically,
> > when using oxygen, can't tell active/inactive apart), I'm going to
> > commit this by Friday unless someone objects.
> Done, since no one objected.

I dont, no one else did.
But since a good image speack lowader that words....... 
the butons are faded off the text is greish on the tile bar removed the glow 
gradient from inactive, reduced the size of the shadow and the overal 
coloring is sutly difrent. 

core oxygen icon designer

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