Temporary KColorScheme change - hard-code some state colors

Matt Newell newellm at blur.com
Fri Sep 14 21:04:19 BST 2007

On Friday 14 September 2007 12:47, Jos Poortvliet wrote:

> Pinheiro said it should be very subtle, well, I agree. But just not
> changing the background would help a lot already, I think. What if
> text gets grayed out a little? It won't cause flicker, and keeps
> windeco and contents the same. Or we use Kwin to blur the window (but
> that won't work if you've turned this off). I think doing something to
> the whole window (but not too intrusive) would be better than just
> changing the windowdecoration (aside from aesthetics's).
Greying the text is a bad idea in my opinion.  For one, many people use a lot 
of applications that show primarily text, so every time window focus changes, 
you are going to get almost a complete redraw.  Secondly, I and many other 
people often will bring a window into focus, but keep an eye on a partially 
exposed background window, waiting for some even to occur( waiting for ssh to 
give password prompt for example). I don't want the non-active windows to be 
any less readable than the active window for this very reason.

The real question in my mind, is what is insufficient about just having the 
titlebar and border change colors.  To me that (already working since 
forever) solution is perfect for the job.


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