Moving Svgpart to kdegraphics

Germain Garand germain at
Mon Nov 26 07:43:24 GMT 2007

Le Dimanche 25 Novembre 2007 23:53, Adam Treat a écrit :
> This thread is funny.  Irony of ironies the only reason WebKit can view SVG
> is thanks to the efforts of two *KDE* hackers in the form of KSVG and
> KSVG2... two KDE technologies in every bit the same sense as KHTML.

Oh yes, it is so funny indeed. I think we are all laughing very loud at that 
point. That is epic material.

Behold an excellent open source desktop teared apart pieces by pieces, 
developer by developer, to the great benefit of a predator corporation that 
just has to provide the infrastructure and the money.

O Muse, sing of the great chorus of collaborationists seeking business 
opportunities, or a paid job, or even some crumbs of fame in the most 
disgusting, unfettered manner.

All is well in the end, we'll still be able to *use* this software in our 
programs, and boast with pride about that fond memory noone remembers, that 
we once were able to create such cool technology, in that fading past, when 
we were a significant and rising free desktop.


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