Moving Svgpart to kdegraphics

pinheiro nuno at
Mon Nov 26 08:56:17 GMT 2007

A Monday 26 November 2007 07:43:24, Germain Garand escreveu:
> Le Dimanche 25 Novembre 2007 23:53, Adam Treat a écrit :
> > This thread is funny.  Irony of ironies the only reason WebKit can view
> > SVG is thanks to the efforts of two *KDE* hackers in the form of KSVG and
> > KSVG2... two KDE technologies in every bit the same sense as KHTML.
> Oh yes, it is so funny indeed. I think we are all laughing very loud at
> that point. That is epic material.
> Behold an excellent open source desktop teared apart pieces by pieces,
> developer by developer, to the great benefit of a predator corporation that
> just has to provide the infrastructure and the money.
> O Muse, sing of the great chorus of collaborationists seeking business
> opportunities, or a paid job, or even some crumbs of fame in the most
> disgusting, unfettered manner.
> All is well in the end, we'll still be able to *use* this software in our
> programs, and boast with pride about that fond memory noone remembers, that
> we once were able to create such cool technology, in that fading past, when
> we were a significant and rising free desktop.
> Greetings,
> Germain

You guys get an svg reader that actuly renders what Inkscape is producing 
nowadays and you have a winner, as it is any of the renderes  are rather 
useless, with some benifits in one case that no open svg creation softaware  
uses and another being a litle bit closer to what we need right now but still 
so far from what we will ned in thfuture that should have been 2 years ago.

I will keep rendering stuf with inkscape....


core oxygen icon designer

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