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Sun Nov 25 19:02:28 GMT 2007

On Sunday 25 November 2007 19:52:22 Germain Garand wrote:
> Ah well... that's an argument for "Places" then, since it is already
> translated in kickoff I believe.

No. Looking at some .po files I just see that while the string is there it has 
been omitted from translation in many (if not most) of the languages.
Obviously for the reason that the term is too generic to understand its intent 
of use. "My Computer" on the other hand got very well translated already.

> It's not such the frivolous subject you'd make it seem.

It's not a frivolous subject. It's just that the current string is good 
enough. It has undergone usability surveys already. 
I think the only issue that you have is that it's a term that you deeply 
relate to Microsoft. If the only real reason for not using a good term is 
being anti-Microsoft then _that_ is pretty childish.

> Treating users like predictable children who "need to feel at home" is not
> a good policy.

Nobody has compared "feeling at home" to children so far. It's actually a need 
that people develop naturally. 
If you claim otherwise you should back up that claim with actual statistics.

> Many people ran away from known proprietary platform for 
> precisely that reason : they didn't appreciate to be forcibly nursed.

Most people ran away due to

- viruses / security concerns
- stability / bug concerns
- price concerns
- lack of source code
- vendor lock-in / fear of a monopoly

"Feeling forcibly nursed" is actually nothing I have ever heard so far. People 
who had issues with proprietary interface because they didn't live up to 
their expectations of "efficiency" is rather something I've heard from a very 
very small group of technical people who are hardly representative for the 
whole group of target users.
The amount of people who are afraid to use Linux because it's "too technical" 
is certainly much higher. 

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