libkfile still links agains qt3support

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at
Fri Nov 23 13:32:32 GMT 2007

On Friday 23 November 2007, David Faure wrote:
> IMHO: commit on Monday if you can double-check kde compilation before.
> Otherwise send me the patch and I'll do that.
> There shouldn't be too many kde apps linking to libkfile, most simply use
> KFileDialog from libkio [which dlopens libkfile]. But there are a few
> (those which use KDirOperator for instance).

I won't promise I can check all of kde before monday, but I'll try to at least 
check several modules. I'm placing status information online at . The main patch is 
kfile_move_support.diff . Status information on the other modules is in 
status.txt. Things which don't break the current sources (i.e. adding 
${KDE4_KDE3SUPPORT_LIBS} in the link flags, where needed), I'll commit right 
away. Anything else I find, I'll prepare patches for.

It would be great if you could check on my progress Sunday/Monday, and take 
care of the missing bits, if I don't find the time to finish it.

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