KGlobalSettings and eyecandy on open/save dialogs

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Thu Nov 22 13:51:52 GMT 2007

Hi all again,

Apart from the previous mail I sent about the eyecandy on open/save dialogs

(I still would like to know if a variation of this patch [a patch of this

kind] can be committed to SVN at our current state), I also blogged about

the stuff, and as always, we had interesting input.

Someone suggested users should be able to disable absolutely all the

animations on the sytem (on Dolphin for example we have lots of small

animations, as well as on KDirOperator & more). I know some of you won't

agree because of what I learnt from Aaron and his talks: "stuff just

doesn't resize or (dis)appear", but I consider this a major topic:


On low performance computers, I am completely sure the user will love to

disable all the animations of the system. For this, I would suggest a new

method on the KGlobalSettings class that all apps that are running effects

should take in count. I have searched for something on our libraries that

is able to set or get this setting, but I failed, so I suppose there is no

such option.

I can consider this suggestion almost a bugfix, because if I'm right that

there is no way of disabling this effects, we will have a problem on slow

systems, and we also would like to run nicely on really slow systems.

The other question I have: can this option be created for 4.0.0 ? can the

effect for open/save dialog be committed when improved for 4.0.0 [I'd like

to review it tonight] ?

Bye and thanks,

Rafael Fernández López.

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