KGlobalSettings and eyecandy on open/save dialogs

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Thu Nov 22 18:05:57 GMT 2007

On Thursday 22 November 2007, Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> animations, as well as on KDirOperator & more). I know some of you won't
> agree because of what I learnt from Aaron and his talks: "stuff just
> doesn't resize or (dis)appear", but I consider this a major topic:
> performance.

well, but Aaron agrees with you ;) where we *can* we should certainly make 
sure things behave like the real world. however, as you point out for both 
remote sessions as well as very low powered computers this can make a 
difference and needs to be in there.

> On low performance computers, I am completely sure the user will love to
> disable all the animations of the system.

well, assuming it makes any sort of difference to them; remember that 
animations are usually on demand, short lived and based on wall clock not CPU 
cycles (so many will just be skipped automatically on slower systems; with 
compositing on in kwin my devel machine this happens with many anims in 
plasma for instance ;)

> For this, I would suggest a new 
> method on the KGlobalSettings class that all apps that are running effects
> should take in count. I have searched for something on our libraries that
> is able to set or get this setting, but I failed, so I suppose there is no
> such option.
> I can consider this suggestion almost a bugfix, because if I'm right that
> there is no way of disabling this effects, we will have a problem on slow
> systems, and we also would like to run nicely on really slow systems.
> The other question I have: can this option be created for 4.0.0 ?

this was on my list for 4.1, actually, so we can auto disable things in plasma 
as well. thought needs to be put to whether a boolean value is enough, where 
the option should live in both the API (probably KGlobalSettings as you 
noted) and in the configuration UI. that's why i haven't attempted anything 
at this point for 4.0.

i agree with Hans here that this is the sort of thing that can wait for 4.1.

> can the 
> effect for open/save dialog be committed when improved for 4.0.0 [I'd like
> to review it tonight] ?

depends on what the improvement is, i suppose. in its current state i'd like 
to see it wait and mature more, but if your next round addresses the most 
outstanding issues ... 

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