kwin default window button order.

Dmitry Suzdalev dimsuz at
Thu Nov 22 08:01:59 GMT 2007

On Thursday 22 November 2007 10:47:39 Simon Edwards wrote:
> Changing the buttons around like this is murder for those of us that
> work in mixed environments daily. (I've tried this a few years back).
> Any benefit of the new configuration is outweighed by disadvantage that
> it is so nonstandard.
What mixed environments do you mean? Windows and Linux? How about Mac?
It has a quite different button order and doesn't seem to care about mixed 
environments :)
And from what I've heard, Mac's users are happy with their beloved system :) 
Even if they work with others from time to time.

Actually the only point that got me thinking towards a current setup is 
usecase that Germain raised: when I have a lot of windows open & maximized and 
have to deside for each of them what kind of action I want to perform - close 
it or minimize it. I do this from time to time (not to say that very often). 
And to move the mouse from one side of the screen to another is a pita :) 
Espesially with todays' popular widescreen setups (/me has one).


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