Requesting two exceptions to string freeze

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Wed Nov 21 22:38:58 GMT 2007


String freeze caught me before I got the time to get through all things I
wanted to work on Gwenview which involved strings. Therefore I would like
to request permission for the following changes:

# Adding a "Create Folder" string

Since Gwenview let's you manage your pictures using folders, I think it
makes sense to let people create folders.

# Moving Svgpart from playground/graphics to graphics

Svgpart is a very simple KPart to display SVG images, using QGraphicsView. I
originally intended to implement it inside kdegraphics/gwenview, but since
it didn't need any Gwenview code, I though it would be more useful as a
standalone KPart. Right now it's still in playground/graphics. The only
strings it introduces are the one from the about information.

Gwenview needs this KPart to be able to display SVG images. Right now,
without Svgpart, the KPart system loads a the KHTML part, which shows text

Of course, if you feel it's too late (which I can understand), I can easily
disable SVG support in Gwenview for now.


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