TT vs. the community (Re: Using StyleSheets is bad WAS Re: Konqueror lineedit Bug)

Thomas Zander zander at
Wed Nov 21 04:28:38 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 21 November 2007 01:04:57 Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
>  no, we certainly don't hate
> you trolls. but working with you isn't simple for a dynamic, open
> project. let's hope for a better future - we are prepared. sort of. :)

Well your mails show otherwise;

working together is based a lot on good will and trust; I hope that's not 
news to you ;)  You writing these emails ( really, you think its fun to 
write: "oh, cool - tt-bashing. let's join the party!" ?) while I and 
other trolls spent a LOT of effort making things work smoother is not 
You can't hang back and state you'll believe it when it happens and at the 
same time publicly and loudly put peoples efforts down as not even being 
on your radar.

> > hm. see, i don't have that experience. this is *why* Trolltech put
> > forward individuals as KDE liaisons, to get these issues triaged
> > properly. *use them*, don't complain.
> those few dudes won't change the fundamental problem.

I joined the trolls just a couple of months ago, I know exactly what you 
mean. So, unless you want to give up before we started, you may put some 
faith in us, dudes, as being in the perfect position to actually attack 
the fundamental problem. And as Aaron pointed out, things are moving in 
the right direction.

personal note;
Personal abuse made me walk away from discussions on the printing stuff 
(i'm only human too) Don't worry, I'm still writing code for it. Just 
don't scare away the few dudes you have fighting with you with eloquently 
written mails like yours.
Thomas Zander
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