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Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at
Sat Nov 17 18:40:52 GMT 2007

On Nov 17, 2007 4:48 PM, Richard Dale <rdale at> wrote:
> On Saturday 17 November 2007 14:41:54 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > On 17.11.07 14:22:14, John Tapsell wrote:
> > > Martin,
> > >   Heh, I like the nice clean look :)  Each to their own I guess.
> >
> > So you like having nearly-invisible splitter handles? Have you looked at
> > the screenshot? I like the overall look of oxygen as well, but issues
> > such as the one Martin points out make oxygen still a beta-quality style
> > and not something that should be delivered as default style in a few
> > weeks - IMHO of course :)
> I don't think it is finished. Recently, when I converted a ruby example app
> which demonstrated the various KDE widgets I had trouble deciding whether the
> layout problems were because of the ruby code or the Oxygen style.
> The splitter handles are very subtle or invisible, and yet the active thing is
> outlined in red. To me, this combination of the subtle and unsubtle doesn't
> gel yet.

Well, I think I agree with everyone here - imho, Oxygen looks really
good, but there are a few issues (and the visibility of the splitters
is one of them).

> -- Richard

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