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Sat Nov 17 20:02:26 GMT 2007

On Saturday 17 November 2007, Martin Koller wrote:
> compositing) currently the default style makes me feel like back in the
> 70's having only a black/white monitor.

i think that the colour hinting is still not really "there" at this point in 
the style. it is one of the things that is far easier to add after the fact 
than getting the shape and interaction parts.

> Everything is grey in grey. I can 
> not see where a widget ends and another one starts (e.g. a splitter, a
> scrollbar). Try to run korganizer (attached screeny).

i have, and imo it looks waaaay better without the splitters jumping out and 
smacking me across the face. some of the more popular kde3 styles also did 
similarly. the extra space and the mouse cursor changing on mouse over are 
good hints, though i agree with at least one of your improvement suggestions 
further below.

(btw, the real wtf in the korganizer window right now are the very ugly 
calendars, the incorrect layout margins around some of the parts (e.g. the 
event detail box, the placement/location of the calendars selector ... that 
window has lots of excellent and needed bits of information, but the layout 
needs to be rethought; of course, not having time to work on that myself, i 
should probably stfu myself about this right now ;)

> Do you quickly see that there are 2 splitters available ? (ok, other styles

no, but then neither do i want to see them quickly. i want to be able to 
concentrate on the *content*, not the gadgetry all over the place. this is 
one of the biggest visual problems we had in previous versions of kde: all 
the surrounding machinery like splitters and toolbars and what not were SO 
LOUD THAT IT DISTRACTED from the real content (see how annoying that is ;)

one of the explicitly stated goals in kde4 is to make the surrounding gadgetry 
that supports the content to be elegant and quiet.

> show a splitter also not much better, but they at least show a different
> color when hovering over it and adpat the pattern lenght according to the
> splitter length, which oxygen does not)

color hinting the dots on hover would be nice; a full length drawing of 
something would be distracting.

> Maybe the people from oxygen can give a current status and what they think
> can be done up to the release ?

that would be useful, yes.

> If the current status would be what is finally delivered in 4.0, I doubt
> that the KDE4 desktop will make anyone say "Wow!"

are we really going to have this discussion every 1-2 weeks on this list?

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