kwin default window button order.

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Thu Nov 15 18:24:38 GMT 2007

On Thursday 15 of November 2007, Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Thursday 15. November 2007 00:28:22 Sebastian K├╝gler wrote:
> > Another small thing (sorry for hijacking) would be the double-clock
> > action on the window border to maximise (and not shade) the window. What
> > do people think about that?
> As Aaron said; this is not really about preference or what works best for
> the simple reason that that is based on the users past experiences.
> There is one reason that I'd like to bring forward; doing shade using
> double click is actually the only way many people can find it. While
> maximize is still available as a button itself.
> Bottom line the only reason (IMOHO) why removing the access to 'shade' in
> order to allow 2 ways to maximaze would be acceptable is if nobody is using
> the 'shade' feature and you don't hurt anyone by removing that default. But
> I can't believe that to be true.

 It doesn't need to be true. I don't have a problem with changing a default if 
that hurts 10 users who are used to that and helps thousands of others (which 
may very well be the case here).

 I personally don't have a strong preference for either, but e.g. openSUSE 
changes this default to maximize, and I don't remember anybody ever 

> Remember that MacOs had this feature for many years before KDE stole it.

 The question is if the feature is actually that useful. I have to admit I 
fail to see the point of shading - it doesn't seem to be particularly useful 
for saving screen space unless you cascade all windows, as either all 
titlebars are in about the same place and handling either whole windows or 
just titlebars doesn't seem to make a big difference, or you need windows 
laid out somehow anyway and then what's the point of shading them? It seems 
that people capable of usefully utilizing shading should be capable of 
switching the default as well, but not necessarily so the other way around.

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