kwin default window button order.

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at
Thu Nov 15 18:38:31 GMT 2007

>  The question is if the feature is actually that useful. I have to admit I
> fail to see the point of shading - it doesn't seem to be particularly
> useful
> for saving screen space unless you cascade all windows, as either all
> titlebars are in about the same place and handling either whole windows or
> just titlebars doesn't seem to make a big difference, or you need windows
> laid out somehow anyway and then what's the point of shading them?

The usage scenario for shading is that you can basically "minimize" a
window to get it out of the way to check some document or such w/o having
to switch your eyes back to the taskbar and look for it to restore it. It
can be handy some of the time when the screen space is tight.
Whether it deserves to be the default double-click action or not is an
entire matter entirely..

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