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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Mon Nov 5 18:02:09 GMT 2007

On Monday 05 November 2007, Inge Wallin wrote:
> Given that all[1] communication in blogs and marketing today tells me that
> the applications indeed *are* going to run on Windows and Mac OS X, I see
> two possibilities:  1. 'We' have changed our minds.  2. 'We' haven't agreed
> on that at all.  I won't even speculate which it is. In any of those two
> cases we should help the people who do the heavy lifting in this endeavor.

before this degenerates too far =) ...

... there's a third option that is the combination of what you are both 

- the goal is to have supported ports to Linux, Solaris, BSD, Win and Mac
- we have always relied on people on the various platforms to ensure things 
work there (much to the chagrin of, say, the BSD folk .. who we do love, but 
sometimes don't know all the quirks of their systems)
- it has been said with no push back that we are not going to jeopardize the 
code base's integrity for these new platforms
- it has also been said, again with no push back, that our primary focus will 
remain the Free operating systems

this leaves us with the following for this problem:

those with windows systems compiling and working with svn need to provide what 
is breaking (seems Jaroslaw has done most of that; still need to find what 
the underlying problem is there) and then help find a workable solution. 
that's all. we don't need the arguing, we just need the solutions.

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