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Sat Nov 3 21:02:58 GMT 2007

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 03.11.07 19:24:35, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
>> John Layt wrote:
>>> If we had to build a cupsdoprint in every one of those apps, each 
>>> of them would pick up a compile-time dependency on CUPS, and we would have to 
>>> give cupsdoprint a different name for each to avoid install clashes. 
>> Hmm, I don't get this.
>> Why can't they use all the same generic "kdedoprint" (which tries CUPS
>> first, and falls back to BSD if CUPS is not here)?
> Well, I suspect the kde-core-developers wouldn't be too happy with a
> completely new app in kdebase/runtime and kdelibs is already closed
> since some time for such additions. So there's simply no place to put it
> and those apps could depend on...

As I said earlier: this is not necessarily meant for 4.0.

Can this be added later without breaking things again?

To rely on the external lp/lpr commands is like.... like Netscape used
to print 10 years ago on *nix (but at least it allowed for a configur-
able print command, and you could use any external tool then, including
kprinter, once it was around. I guess we are even worse right now, in
that we do not provide for a configurable command for the current use

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