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Marco Gulino marco at
Wed May 9 12:01:13 BST 2007

Il Wednesday 09 May 2007 03:50:18 Robert Knight ha scritto:
> Hello Marco,
> I like the concept behind the program.  The application itself is
> difficult to assess because I couldn't get the add phone wizard to
> work properly.
> On first run it crashed because of trying to access an object before
> creating it ( the line "engineData()->setManufacturer" in
> libkmobiletools/engine.cpp:125 ), after I fixed that, I could go
> through the wizard, but obviously it is work in progress.
Thanks, i just fixed it.. new code, i just could test if it was compiling 
before going sleeping. I'd like to at least add some "dummy" configuration 
for the AT engine, so that one could at least add the device, and configure 
it later.
> Something I can suggest though is to try and lower the level of
> technical know-how required of your users.  In the wizard on the front
> page:
> - There are references to /dev and udev and having "read and write
> permissions", way way too technical.

You're right, and actually, a user-friendly and well configured distribution 
should already have a good setup to have a typical user run kmobiletools 
without fixing anything (udev rules, users and groups, and so on).
What do you suggest? moving that text in an advanced help section on the 
> - The user is asked to pick an engine to use.  If at all possible, do
> this for them.
We already thought about two combobox in the first wizard page, one for the 
manufacturer, and one for the model, which can access to a phone database 
(upgradable with KHotNewStuff?), activating these comboboxes automatically 
selects the right engine (and some fields in the other pages too, probably).
I'm just waiting to fix API codebase first (like for the EngineData class)...

KMobileTools - Open Source meets Mobile Phones.
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