[REMINDER] KDE 4.0 Milestones

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Mon May 7 19:35:03 BST 2007

Allen Winter wrote:
> Usability and Accessibility Review:
>   I don't think we know what this means yet.  Does the HCI team have a plan?
>   However... this is a good time to ask/nag for widget/dialog gurus to start
>   working on the icon, font, and color settings as described in [2], with
>   designer mockups available at [3].  We will need to unfreeze kdelibs
>   as needed for these dialogs.
> [2] http://amen-online.de/%7Eolafschmidt/colors/colors.pdf
> [3] http://amen-online.de/%7Eolafschmidt/colors/designer.tar.gz

JFTR I would be interested in helping with this, although since I am 
still new to KDE development (I know my way around KATE, but not so much 
KDE as a whole) I might need some help putting code in the right places. 
At the very least I have many implementation ideas and will probably 
help work on getting styles to play nicely with focus colors if we can 
get to that. (Speaking of styles, does the May 8 deadline apply to new 
styles in kdeartwork?)

Once color roles are available I can probably handle fixing KATE to use 
them, KATE being one of the major offenders currently that stands to 
benefit perhaps the most.

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