Section "KDEPrint" on the Wiki?

Kurt Pfeifle k1pfeifle at
Mon Jan 29 14:57:41 GMT 2007

I'd like to create a section for KDEPrint on the 
Wiki. I didn't find on the Wiki pages where/how to contact its main-
tainers; so I'm asking here instead....

My intention is to create a set of tests, of howtos, of tips+tricks 
that should serve  (a) developers, and  (b) users   of KDEPrint to get
the best results when printing with KDE. This will include some space
to investigate certain recurrent bugs/problems as are documented in 
bugzilla (not only in the KDEPrint module), like font embedding, and 
font fidelity when printing to paper (as opposed to viewing on screen)
as well as collecting an assortment of tools and simple (unit?) tests 
when developing print functionality.

I intend to make sure that only reliable + polished information will 
be appearing on the "front" pages, and stuff that is still under inve-
stigation, and "raw material" will be on the "discussion" pages.

Hopefully, there will be a few more people who will occasionally con-
tribute, or at least look at the pages.

Is it OK to use the Wiki for that purpose?


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