Integrating Gwenview in kdegraphics?

Cyrille Berger cberger at
Thu Jan 18 17:10:02 GMT 2007

>  Yeah. While we're at it, I suggest not replacing KEdit by Kate/KWrite
> until they're at least on-par. 
that's exactly what was done :/ Except for the startup time

>  (Gwenview is the default in SUSE, Kuickshow is
> not even installed by default, and I don't think that's the only distro),
it's nearly the case for kubuntu too. And kuickshow is not even installable on 
fresh install anymore. Which is sad, as you said gwenview is not kuickshow 
(nor is kview), which means I don't have access anymore to a fast way to 
display an image with a kde friendly application from the console, maybe it's 
considered as a too geeky task.

The way I see gwenview, it's more an image browser (with some editing 
capabilities through kipi). While kuickshow/kview are image viewer which are 
two different things.

> > * less clutter (I find the 'toolbar' at the top of the image view widget
> > very annoying and out of place)
> > * Sane defaults that don't make me panic. Which basically means, much
> > much less clutter.
> > * Usability review.  The 'control for zoom tool' really should be fixed.
>  Well, Aurelien got a bit ... creative recently :). But a toolbar with many
> icons is not a showstopper, is it?
well, I think it's scary for Joe User :/ (it's even scary for a lot of 
geeks ;) )

I think that if you want to replace kuickshow, you need to offer a better user 
experience, so while, in features it's clearly better, honestly, the user 
interface of gwenview makes me flee.

And then the last question, about replacement, that need to be answered is 
wether we want to ship, by default, an image browser or an image viewer or 
both ?
Cyrille Berger

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