Integrating Gwenview in kdegraphics?

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Thu Jan 18 17:01:26 GMT 2007

On Thu, 18 Jan 2007, Lubos Lunak wrote:

> > * speed
>  You actually have no idea how right you are about this. It'd need a real lot 
> of work. Just like KDE3 is no match for KDE1. There could be some low-hanging 
> fruit, like having a crippled-down variant looking like 'kuickshow image.jpg' 
> if that's considered important, but other than that, a lot of work on it has 
> been done already, so guess how easy it will be to do more.

Actually, having gone into the matter for a bit the past few days I must
say, and I say this as the Krita maintainer, that I'm really impressed
by Gwenview's speed, especially for large images. Just loading a QImage
and bunging it in a QLabel is simpler, but also really, really 
_much_ slower.

In fact, I would be quite happy if there were a way to adapt Gwenview's
two-phase display code to create a generic QImage-based image redisplay
widget. There is a lot of very clever, very optimized functionality in


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