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Sat Jan 6 23:26:17 GMT 2007

Hi Marcus,

On Sa Jan 6 2007, Marcus Woletz wrote:
> Hello developers!
> My name is Marcus. Due to an annoying Bug in Konqueror (Bug-ID: 113152)
> I've done some investigation where this error could reside. OK, I've
> found that the error seems to be in file "",
> supposedly in the Method "::lineupIcons()".
> Now I don't even know what this Method should do. There's a longer
> comment to describe the method, but I can't interpret it. All I know is
> that there's a limited iteration that does entry positioning.
> OK, now I've some questions: Is there a chance to get in Contact with
> the original author of that Method? 

At some point in time I did some small changes to that file (mainly the 
gridValues() method), so I fear I'm of limited help especially regarding 
the "shuffle" algorithm, but maybe you can find the original author by the 
commit log (blame) for that method and contact him directly or wait for other 
response from this list.
Otherwise you have to dig into the code.

> What are the steps that I have to do
> now to fix this error?

Fix the bug and send us a patch :-)

> Do I have to compile and test the whole KDE 
> on my local system?

It is enough to change/compile and install libkonq and then simply run 
So at least check out kdebase (there might be a way to limit this further, but 
I don't know the details of how to set up and configure only a part of a KDE 
module for development)
You still need also the kdelibs devel package and some others from your 
distribution to have the header files installed.

> I also found that the Method was modified slightly 
> since 3.0 where this error didn't appear. I really want to help to fix
> those Bugs, but for now I need some help to do the first steps. I think
> that my C++- and SW-Engineering experiences are good, but I need some
> time to get familiar with the KDE-Development-Process.

All you need is
svn co kdebase
make -f Makefile.cvs
make install
probably with some options (svn and configure mainly)

> I think I first should install a test System on my
> PC because I must ensure that my production system runs perfectly.

> Oh, I'll certainly read the corresponding docs ;-)


> Many thanks in advance and greetings from Germany!

Greetings from Austria ;-)

Best regards/Schöne Grüße

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