Some newcomer questions

Marcus Woletz marcus at
Sat Jan 6 12:58:12 GMT 2007

Hello developers!

My name is Marcus. Due to an annoying Bug in Konqueror (Bug-ID: 113152)
I've done some investigation where this error could reside. OK, I've
found that the error seems to be in file "",
supposedly in the Method "::lineupIcons()".
Now I don't even know what this Method should do. There's a longer
comment to describe the method, but I can't interpret it. All I know is
that there's a limited iteration that does entry positioning.
OK, now I've some questions: Is there a chance to get in Contact with
the original author of that Method? What are the steps that I have to do
now to fix this error? Do I have to compile and test the whole KDE
on my local system? I also found that the Method was modified slightly
since 3.0 where this error didn't appear. I really want to help to fix
those Bugs, but for now I need some help to do the first steps. I think
that my C++- and SW-Engineering experiences are good, but I need some
time to get familiar with the KDE-Development-Process.
I think I first should install a test System on my
PC because I must ensure that my production system runs perfectly.
Oh, I'll certainly read the corresponding docs ;-)

Many thanks in advance and greetings from Germany!



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